How to use about to in English grammar

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How to use About To In English


There are so many advanced grammar structures in the English language. About to is also one of them.

It is about the action very close to take place.

We will see the details of about to here with examples and explanations.

How to use About to in English

About to is a special construction in the English language.

About to is used to tell that action will take place in a very short time, almost in few moments.

This is a simple formula to use about to correctly.

Subject+ am/is/are/was/were +about to +v1+ …..

When we use was/were in the sentences of about to, it tells us about the action which was about to take place.

This use of about to can be cleared with the help of the following examples.

Examples of the use of about to

1)The train is about to come.

2)It is about to rain now.

3)The child is about to cry.

4)The film is about to start.

5)The match is about to end.

6)They are about to reach here.

7)You are about to finish your work.

8)She is about to tell something.

9)That person is about to sneeze.

10)The exam is about to start.

Examples of about to with was/were

1)He was about to run away.

2)I was about to pay the bill.

3)We were about to call them.

4)You were about to fight with her.

5)They were about to open the door.

6)She was about to scold me.

7)The doctor was about to arrive.

8)They were about to start the race.

9)It was about to fall down.

10)It was about to rain.

These are some of the examples for the use of about to.

Conclusion for about to

From this, it is clear that about to is a special construction in English and it is used to tell that something is very close to take place.

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