How to learn and improve spoken English with 17 freeways

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Top17 Proven Methods To Learn and improve Spoken English


Language is the most effective means of human communication in comparison with others like gestures sounds etc. Language is a means to express human thoughts and feelings. To master any language one needs to master basic language skills that is listening, speaking, reading and writing. Most people speak their mother tongues fluently but face a lot of problems in speaking foreign languages, especially English.

Yes, people need to learn the English language with all its basic skills as it is the world language of communication. You know English is used in schools, colleges, companies, international trade, commerce, politics, travel, research and many more fields. So it is the need of modern times to master the English language. English is not a problem for its native speakers but for the rest of the people all over the world it poses a great burden to learn English after acquiring mother tongues.

In many countries, English is included in education. Due to its constant use, most people can write it properly and even understand it somehow but English speaking creates a lot of problems for them. Reasons are many including complex grammar, pronunciation different from spelling, and the lack of trained teachers.

If you are determined to learn English speaking easily and free online without learning its grammar we welcome you by greeting congrats you are at the right place at right time for the right purpose. Let’s get started…

Master English grammar here.

How to learn and improve spoken English

Top17 Proven Methods To Learn and To improve Spoken English

1)Start speaking right now-

The best time to start something new is the present moment where you are right now. Yes, just start speaking English in the way you can. You might make mistakes but I guarantee you that it will help to learn how to overcome these problems and become a fluent English speaker.

2)Read English newspapers, magazines,books, billboards, and anything that you see-

This is a very effective and easy way to acquire knowledge of the English language with all its necessary details like grammar, and vocabulary which ultimately helps you to become a better speaker.

3)Watch English movies TV programs and news-

constant listening to English through movies, TV programs, and news will imbibe English words and sentences in your subconscious mind and you will be able to use them in your speaking. It is another very effective and the best way to master English speaking. I have also learned English through this method. Try it now and see the results. It works a hundred percent.

4)Use of dictionary-

mobile or physical English- English- native language dictionary is another very handy tool for your English learning. Whenever you are obstructed by unknown English words, just open the dictionary and find their meanings. It helps a lot. Also, you can use your native language English dictionary to find the right word for your English communication. Now- a- days there are many native languages to English dictionaries available online and even you can find them on the shelves of book stalls. Go get them and start your fantastic journey to master English.

5)Use of the internet-

Nowadays internet with Google features has become a wish-granting tree for everyone connected. Just go through different blogs, videos, articles, and all the stuff that you like there but it is a challenging task to find the right one for your specific need. For that you can find us at here for your complete solution there are many other sites and you can make your best choice after studying.

6)Join any spoken English course-

It sounds weird to join a spoken English course but it will be the better option to learn from an English teacher if you are a total beginner. There are so many online and offline options available for you. Even you can find them in your area but make sure to check the quality of their teaching and positive feedback from the students who have already completed this course there. For that, you can think about our complete English-speaking course available free online with a total guarantee of success here.

7)Public speaking-

It is good to take any simple, medium or advanced-level topic like my family, the internet, the importance of games and sports. Brainstorm for the points and prepare a speech. Deliver it in front of any available audience like family members friends, colleagues, classes, and many more. It will improve your English knowledge and boost your confidence in speaking, Believe me, it is one of the tested and trusted ways. Just do it. Make sure you begin and end your speech properly.

8)Group discussions-

Group discussions have got a lot of importance in the interview process for jobs and admissions but it is also a very effective way to master English speaking. Make a group of more than two people, take any topic such as the difference between city life and village life and start a discussion. It works, and you will get positive results.

9)story telling-

Sounds interesting! yes, story telling is another best and proven method of improving your English speaking ability. Just read any simple but interesting story and tell it to others in your own words. Nothing else. You will be greatly benefited as you can learn the use of proper tenses, new words, and most importantly story telling techniques necessary for your successful family life.

10)Vocabulary practice-

There are more than 1 million words and word forms in the English language. Linguists believe that around 3000 words of any language are necessary e for its effective use in daily speaking needs. So just start gathering important words from your daily activities or from websites or even the Oxford dictionary provides this list for its readers. Our website has also a collection of the most useful 3000 words for the day -to -day use. We have prepared them after experience and research of 16 years. Go get it. Also, you can find such books as per your need and start learning them. Read any word, find its meaning, and try to use it in your own sentences. That’s it. You will definitely improve your English after some practice.

11)mock interview (question-answer) technique-

Most of our speaking is in the form of questions and answers. We ask somebody something or reply to somebody’s question. Then why not practice asking and answering questions properly to remember my words, making correct questions, and answering them correctly e in the same tense of the question is a skill. Don’t worry about how to learn it. We have a complete guide for doing it correctly here.

12)Start thinking in English-

Most of the people first think in their mother tongues and then translate it in English. For speaking, it is a very time-consuming and difficult method. So the best way is to just start thinking in English. Thousands of thoughts emerge in our minds in a single day. If you start your thinking process in English, just imagine how much speaking practice will be done. Don’t worry, you will surely overcome them and we are here to help you improve your English grammar if you need.

13)Give up your fear and be confident-

Most of the people who even know the correct speaking method fail to do so because of fear and lack of confidence. Be brave and just start speaking confidently. You will soon get positive results. So don’t hesitate and just begin to see the difference.

14)Find an expert guide-

It will be nice if you find a reliable and expert guide for your speaking. He or she may be your family member, friend or colleague or online guide. Make you are rightly directed by this resource person.

15)Practice conversation drills-

It is another very handy and effective way to improve your English speaking. You will find a lot of drill exercises here. You can read them and practice them.

16)Role plays or dialogues-

It is another helpful way to achieve your goal. Take any situation like two friends are making a plan for a picnic and talk with your partner and help each other for making correct sentences.

17)Use various websites including ours-

There are so many websites for learning English speaking. Our website is also dedicated to the same purpose. Just go through all the articles and achieve your target. You will also find a complete spoken English course, grammar course, vocabulary course, writing skills course, and personal development as a bonus. Our website offers all courses free of cost. Just you need to go through it.

You can master English grammar tenses here.Tense-English language grammar tenses-present,past,futureFormulas,rules,examples,uses, exercises

Conclusion for how to learn and improve spoken English

Here we have discussed top 17 proven methods to improve your English speaking ability. If you follow some of them, no one will be there to stop you. Don’t you think the same? Give your valuable comments, please. I wish you all the best for your journey involving English speaking.

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