How to draft a virtual message

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How to draft a virtual message


Nowadays virtual communication is used at large scale. Here we will see what is communication, virtual communication and messages and their types and the format of virtual messages with sample topics.

Drafting virtual message

In this article you will see all the details of drafting a virtual message.

What is communication and what are its types?

Communication is the process of exchanging thoughts, ideas, feelings and information.

There are three types of communication. They are as follows.

1)Oral communication

2)Written communication

3)Virtual communication

What is the virtual message?

Nowadays, we combinedly use these three forms for virtual messages such as we can send SMS, Whatsapp messages, emails and so many other internet-based virtual messaging platforms.

Messages can be positive, negative, neutral or persuasive.

Nowadays virtual communication has got a lot of importance. In the face of the global corona pandemic, it is widely used all over the world as there are so many limitations for people to meet others personally.

Types of the virtual messages

There are six major types of virtual messages. They are as follows.

1)Directional messages

They direct to do something.

2)Possibility messages

They tell that certain thing is possible.

3)Reality messages

They make the reader aware of reality or the fact.

4)Necessity message

They convey why something is necessary to do.

5)New idea message

They tell about a new idea and how it can become reality.

6)Reforming message

They talk about the possibility of life in face of bad and negative thoughts.

How to write a virtual message

We can write the virtual message using the below-given format and with the help of mobile, we can send virtual messages to anyone anywhere in the world at any time from our contact list.

Format of virtual message

Now we will see the most important part of this article. It is a format of the virtual message that can be given as follows.



3)Name of the recipient

4)Message body

5)Sender’s name

This is the format of the virtual messages. It is very easy and useful for drafting a correct virtual message.

Sample virtual message

Question- Read the following conversation between Sam and Mr Robbins and draft a virtual message.

Sam: hello, may I speak to John, please?

Mr. Robbins: He is getting ready for school. May I know who is speaking?

Sam: My name is Sam. I am his classmate.

Mr. Robbins: I am John’s father. Is there any message?

Sam: Yes, please ask him to bring his biology notebook to school today. I was absent from school due to illness. I would like to see the notes which our biology teacher gave to the class during my absence.

Mr. Robbins: I will definitely do that.

Since Mr. Robbins had to go for his morning walk he left a message for John. Draft that virtual message for John in 50 words.

Virtual message

First, we will prepare a rough draft using the format and then we will make a final message

Rough draft

Date-1st January 2022

Time-7.30 a.m.

Name of the recipient- John

Message body-

Sender’s name- Mr. Robbins

Final message draft

1st January 2022: 7.30 a.m.


Sam called up. He wanted you to take your biology notebook to school today. He told that he wanted to see notes given by your biology teacher during his absence yesterday.


This is a sample virtual message.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that virtual messages are of six types and its format includes date, time, recipient’s name, message body, sender’s name.

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