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Here is the complete collection of our unique motivational quotes.

1) Hope is the lifeline of every life.

1)If you have strong passion to do something, the whole universe will support you to achieve it.

2) Persistent efforts lead to success giving up in middle only leads to distress.

3) Good food creates good body good thoughts create great souls.

4) Make smart choices thanks are not suitable to deal ants.

2)Be generous and receive generously.

3)Always keep your mind ready and open to create,to accept and to implement new IDEAS…..

4)We never fail,either we win or learn life lesson.

5)Silence is better than chatter.

6)If you are friendly.The world will become friendly.

7)Everyday look out for better performance.
8)Spend your time and money carefully.
9)Be open for inevitable change.
10)Caring family is the greatest assest .Sacrifice everything for it .
11)Always be honest to yourself and others too.
12) Listen quietly to annoyed ones,It is the only way to avoid further loses.
13)If we will save nature today,It will save us tomorrow.








1)If you think positive,you will become positive.

power of positivity

2) Whatever you learn in past will help you in present and future.Your life will connect the dots from past to present to future.

Dots will somehow connect

3) Being hardworker and being greedy are different.Later expects for instant rewards and former offers to god to reward.

Be a hardworker

4)Don’t wait till,Do it right now today.

Don’t procrastinate…

1)In argument, present your point to the best of your abilities. If you still find counter argument. Stop to argue and live for better.

2) success is the result of the best efforts. Don’t give up them if you want consistent success.

3) Be happy make others too.

4)Do your best and give up and and anxiety about result.

1)If you have strong passion to do something, the whole universe will support you to achieve it.

2) Persistent efforts lead to success giving up in middle only leads to distress.

3) Good food creates good body good thoughts create great souls.

4) Make smart choices thanks are not suitable to deal ants.

1) Change is inevitable , accept it positively and move ahead happily.

2)Let everyone defines happiness and tries best to fit in it.

3) Education lets us know how little do we know,Ignorance does exact opposite of it.

4)Find your passion and be the few luckiest different from the millions searching endlessly for the same.

1)Don’t point out mistakes harshly. Nobody likes it. Either find a polite and positive way or don’t point.

2)Laugh a lot and become happy or worry a lot and become sad choice is yours.

3)If you appreciate things instead of giving reaction, Life will be lot more easier and happier.

4)Short break from work boosts your energy. Make sure you take one without forgetting being it as short.

1)Making others happy makes us happy as happiness is contagious.

2)Give sincere appreciation to make someone’s day. In return it will make your day.

3)Don’t think too much about success or failure . Just do your best and start next.

4)There is beauty and goodness in everything. Only eyes having them can see and feel them.

1)Remembering too many things causes stress, speak the truth and important details and forgot both.

2)Stop making excuses and start action on your plan right now without procrastination.

3)If you don’t start you won’t reach where you want to.

4)Don’t think too much about the past. It will only take away your joy in present affecting your future.

1)If you have the passion to change your life ,you will.

2)Don’t discuss your problems openly with anyone. Let people discuss your success stories and achievements instead.

3)Just like trees need air water and water to remain green and alive, our mind needs inspiration and motivation.

4)Start doing things that others consider impossible for you.

1)Do less and expect the same. Do more and expect the same.

2)Never give up your efforts to achieve success, many people give up when they are closer to it.

3)A good family, food and shelter, Every body expects, Feel blessed if you have them.

4)Being satisfied with what you have doesn’t mean you should not go for more.You should but being satisfied without greed.

1)Meaning of life is to find it through your actions. Many people find it in helping others.

2)Today i am happy, stress free and positive , Ready to take on things with determination and smile.

3)Song of life is the best when sung together. Be social and surrounded.

4)Forgiveness is good for both. Do forgive for the betterment of both.

1)Family and friends support and protect you. Don’t take too much time to understand it till it is too late.

2)Not only first and last but every step towards your goal matters as they are the bridge between the first and the last.

3)Mistakes are committed by human beings. Identifying and correcting them is the solution instead of overthinking and worrying.

4)It is more important to learn than to earn.The more you learn more you earn both money and satisfaction.

1)The most important Time, Person and Action in life–Time-The present time,Person-With you in the present time,Action-To do good to the person with you in the present By-Leo Tolstoy.

2)Try your best to solve the problems,You will get results.Either solution or Lesson.

3)It is needless to complicate the things,Just enjoy the simple things and live life to its fullest.

4)Take a single step daily to reach your goal to conquer your ultimate goal.

1) There is no need to explain to your friends and it is of no use for enemies.

2) Just like air ,water ,food is essential all the time, Motivation is also needed daily.

3) Instead of comparing yourself with others, Do it with your past.

4) Start working on your ideas right now before they get vanished.

1) If you have a good idea, Give it a try before it vanishes.

2) Be open and ready for the inevitable change.

3) Time is more important than money. Lost money can be recovered but lost time never.

4) Don’t call it an end instead call it a new beginning of life adventure.

  1. Welcome everyday with a smile


forget painful past without regret.

2) The purpose of human life is to help others to live it fully by us.

3) Keep on doing your Karma without expecting fruits. They will be automatically credited in your good fortune account.

4) Caring family is the the greatest asset.Sacrifice everything for it.


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