Speech on my hobby

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Speech on my hobby


Everybody has hobbies and they make our life interesting. Here we will see a speech about my hobby or speech my hobby with important points for it.

Points for speech on my hobby or speech about my hobby

Here are the points

  • Beginning
  • What is hobby
  • My hobby
  • Why
  • When
  • Benefits
  • Family support
  • Your feelings
  • Ending

Speech on my hobby | Speech about my hobby

Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, Good afternoon I would like to express my thoughts about my hobby.

A hobby is a thing that attracts our attention spontaneously and sustains it for a longer time. There are many hobbies like reading, playing, cooking, gardening, singing, and dancing, etc. My hobby is reading a variety of books. I just love reading because I get a lot of knowledge, information through reading and it is the best way to pass our spare time and make our personality better.

I started reading books when I was in 1st std. My father gifted me a set of storybooks on my birthday and I started reading books. I read a variety of material such as books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc.

The benefits of my hobby of reading books are so many. It helps in my self-development. I gain knowledge and information on various things. I have learned many skills and it helps in my thinking and creativity. My family has always supported my hobby and mostly they gift me books. I love my hobby and I am grateful to it for making a successful person.

This is all about my hobby. Thank you for listening to me.

My hobby 10 lines for class 4

Here we have given the topic related to the hobby as follows.

My hobby 10 lines for class 4 student

My hobby is singing songs.

My mother is a good singer and she encouraged me to sing.

I started singing when I was in 1st std. With my mother.

Singing makes me happy and energetic.

All my family supports and encourages me in my hobby

I am taking lessons in classical singing from my Guru.

I love my hobby very much.

I want to choose my hobby as a career.

If you want to give a speech about my hobby 10 lines-

You can add below the given beginning and ending.

The beginning

“Respected teacher and my friends. Good morning my name is John. I am going to tell you about my hobby.”


“ This is all about my hobby. Thank you very much for listening to me.”

10 lines on my hobby- Gardening

  • A hobby is a thing that one likes to do frequently and my hobby is gardening. Growing plants and creepers makes me very happy. So I have chosen this hobby. I had been pursuing this hobby of gardening when I was in 6th std. This hobby helps me understand nature and makes me learn the skills of growing things. Gardening makes my house and surrounding beautiful, I get flowers, fruits, and herbs from a hobby and a lot of knowledge and experience my family always supports me in my hobby. I just love my hobby of gardening and tending and planting in my garden.


From the above explanation, you can easily speak about the speech on my hobby or speech about my hobby. You can also prepare your own speech by making some relevant changes.

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