Speech about my village in English

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Speech about my village


Around 70% of the world population lives in village. Everybody wants to speak about his/her village in English. So we have given a complete guide to give a speech about my village with points and actual specimen speech.

Points for the speech about my village-

1] Beginning

2] Name of the village

3] Location/District/State

4] Population

5] Main occupations of people

6] Attraction of village

7] Qualities of your village people

8] Celebrations in your village

9] Your house

10] Your memories of your village

11] Your feelings for your village

12] Ending

Video of sample speech about my village in English



Speech about my village-

Respected chairman and all the dignitaries present here, Good evening, my name is John. I would like to tell you about my village.

The name of my village is Orko village. It is situated on the bank of Sandy river. It is in —– tehsil—- district—– state. The population of my small beautiful village is 1550. The main occupation of people in my village is farming and related businesses like milk production, poultry, food processing.

The main attraction of my village is Historical Fort named Orko Fort near my village. It has a great history and many people come to visit it. There are also old temples, churches and mosques in my village. My village is full of natural beauty and greenery attracts our mind. It is a very peaceful and happy place.

People in my village are very kind, loving, helpful and cooperative. They help each other in the hour of need. There are different celebrations in my village like festivals, weddings, fairs and some farming events.

I have a big house in my village. My festival lives there. I have very sweet memories of my village. I love my village very much and pray to God to keep it happy and prosperous.

Thank you very much for listening to me intently.

Conclusion for a speech about my village in English

This is a sample speech about my village in English. You can use it to talk about your village after making some relevant changes.

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