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Speech about my school in English

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Speech about my school in English


School is called a sacred place of knowledge speaking about my school in English is explained here within points and specimen topic.

Points for a speech about my school in English

You can use the following points for your speech.

1] Beginning

2] Name of school

3] Location

4] Principal and teachers

5] School students

6] School building

7] Playground

8] Library

9] Labs

10] Your feelings

11] Ending

Sample speech about my school in English

Respected principal and teachers and my friends, good morning, my name is John Robbins. I would like to expose my thoughts about my school.

The name of my school is Mr. Wilson sir. There are 60 teachers and 1500 students in my school. My principal and teachers are very kind, loving, helpful, and cooperative. All the students in my school are disciplined and friendly.

My school is building is very big and beautiful. There are 50 classrooms, 2 offices, 2 libraries and 5 laboratories in my school. There is a very big playground in front of my school and we play various games like cricket, football, basketball there.

The library in my school is my favorite place. It is full of reference books and children’s storybooks. There are 5 well-equipped 5 laboratories in my school and my favorite lab is the computer lab where I learn computer skills.

I am proud of my school, I like my school very much and pray to God for keeping it safe and active.

Thank you very much for listening to me.

Conclusion for the speech about my school

In this way, we have seen a speech about my school. You can use it for talking about your school by making relevant changes to it.

With love +respect from team learnhatkey.com

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