Speech about my favourite subject

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Speech about my favourite subject


We have many school subjects. We have given a sample speech about ‘ My favourite subject’ and some points for it.

Points for the speech about my favourite subject

  1. Beginning
  2. Different subjects
  3. Your favourite subject
  4. Why
  5. Your feelings
  6. Ending

Speech about my favourite subject

Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, good morning, my name is John Smith. I would like to express my thoughts about my favourite subject.

In my school life, I have been learning various subjects like English, Maths, Science, Social science. I like all the subjects as every subject has its own importance and we must have diverse knowledge. But my favourite subject is English. I just love English subject and the English language. Reasons are many but it is true that I am a great fan of English.

I like English lessons that are interesting as well as informative I like to recite English poems also. I read English literature as Shakespeare and many other authors. English is a world language and it will help me for my higher education and future career.

English is a language of international trade, politics and communication so everybody must have its knowledge. I find grammar a bit difficult but my teachers explain every topic well. So I am comfortable with it.

I want to become a linguist and English will help me a lot. So English my favourite language.

Thank you very much for listening to me intently.


This is our speech about my favourite game.

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