Speech about Independence Day

Shree Ganeshay Namah

Speech about Independence Day


Independence Day is a national festival.

We have given here a sample speech on the occasion of the Independence Day celebration and important points for it.

Points for the speech about Independence Day

  1. Beginning
  2. Wishes
  3. Reason to celebrate it
  4. Importance of it
  5. Sacrifices for it
  6. Need to protect
  7. Our duty to country
  8. Feelings
  9. Ending

Speech about Independence Day

Respected chief guest, principal, teachers, parents, non-teaching staff and my dear friends. My name Steve Rogers, I would like to express my thoughts about Independence Day.

First I would like to congratulate you and wish you all a very happy Independence Day. Today we have gathered here to celebrate our country’s—– Independence Day, we celebrate this day as a national festival and Independence Day as our country got freedom from foreign rulers on this same day.

Being an independent country is a great achievement as the pains of slavery can only be the worst nightmare of every true patriot. Freedom gives you the right to live anywhere in the country. Choose your occupation and religion with a democratic setup of governance.

Our many great patriots sacrificed everything for our country’s freedom. We should never forget their work and become ideal citizens of our country. We should work hard for its progress and follow all the laws and perform our duties. We should fight till the last breath to protect the freedom of our country.

I wish India should become the number one country in this world and give the message of peace, non-violence, universal brotherhood to the world. We can do this by showing our talents in diverse fields and science, technology and research is the key to it without leaving our great culture and good traditions.

I wish you a happy Independence Day again and take your leave. Thank you all.


This is our sample speech about Independence Day.

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