Sample speech or essay about my favorite season winter

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Sample speech or essay about my favourite season winter


Human life is closely related to seasons which mean climate or weather of particular area during specific time. Here is our sample speech essay about my favourite season winter.

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Points for the sample speech or essay about my favourite season winter.

  1. Formal beginning
  2. 3 main seasons
  3. My favourite winter season
  4. Duration
  5. Weather and climate
  6. How to protect from winter
  7. Festivals, celebrations
  8. Food and fruits
  9. Features of winter
  10. Health benefits
  11. Ideal for picnics, gatherings, functions
  12. Bonfires
  13. Some winter problems
  14. My feelings
  15. Formal ending

Sample speech or essay about my favourite season winter

Respected president, and the dignitaries present here good morning, my name is Hemant. I would like to express my thoughts about my favourite season- winter.

Our India has a rare gift of 3 seasons which include summer, rainy and winter, most of the countries in the world have only two seasons- 1] Summer 2] Winter. Each season in India has appropriate duration of 4 months and they have their own characteristic features and unique weather and climate. Summer is hot, rainy season is wet and green and winter is cold and healthy.

My favourite season is winter because it is the most healthiest seasons and atmosphere is fresh and enthusiastic. The duration of winter is from October to January. The months of November and December experience lot of cold and winter is at its best during these months.

Weather is cold and fresh during winter. No sweating and getting wet in the rain still nature is at its best as the rain are over. Flowers and fruits are everywhere. Cold and fresh air makes atmosphere enthusiastic and super healthy. People use sweaters, jerkins, caps, gloves, shawls to protect from extreme cold. Some northern states of India experience snow fall and it is great experience to see it people make bonfire to keep themselves warm and sitting around it is really an enjoying experience.

Many festivals like Diwali, Christmas, and new year are celebrated during the winter. Students have Diwali and Christmas holidays. There are annual social gatherings of schools and this is an ideal season for picnics and tours travelling is comfortable and easy.

But cold winter creates some health problems also. People suffer from cough, cold and fever and need rest and medication. But if you take proper care, eat healthy and nutritious diet then you will be able to enjoy this season fully.

I just love winter because of its fresh and healthy atmosphere. It is good season to start exercise and health training and to play various outdoor games. I enjoy siting around the bonfire and enjoy hot cup of tea, we enjoy festivals, food and winter fruits very much. We can improve our improve health level and remain fit for the whole year by taking efforts during winter.

Winter is the best season people like me. It is fresh and healthy and we can enjoy it by taking proper care.

Thank you very much for listening to me.

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This is our sample speech and essay about my favorite season winter.

I hope you will like it.

Do comment your views.

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