How to say I am sorry differently

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How to say I am sorry differently


When we commit a mistake knowingly or unknowingly, we should apologize for it by saying Sorry. But the word sorry has been overused. So it has lost its impact up to a certain extent and most people use it very casually. For that, we need to say I am sorry differently.

So here are some of the current ways to say I am sorry differently in various formal and informal situations.

How to say I am sorry differently in formal situations

There are some general expressions that we use commonly. They are as follows


2)So sorry

3)I am so sorry

4)I am extremely sorry

5)I am ever so sorry

6)I am terribly sorry

But we will learn innovative and effective ways to say sorry.

You can use the following expressions in formal situations to replace the overused I am sorry.

1)Please forgive me for my mistake.

2)I apologize for my mistake

3)My apologies

4)I owe you an apology for ………

5)pardon me/I beg your pardon

6)I take full responsibility for my actions. It was wrong on my part.

7)Excuse me

8)Mea culpa(Lattin phrase)

Some informal ways to say I am sorry differently


2)My bad

3)It was careless/thoughtless of me

4)I sincerely apologize

5)I hope you can forgive me.

6)I hope I can be forgiven.

7)I didn’t mean to……

8) I shouldn’t have

9)I deeply regret my mistake…..

10)I messed up…..

11)I was in the wrong……

12)I really hope you can find it within you to ……..(Forgive me)

It will not happen again.


So these are some of the formal and informal ways to say I am sorry differently. You can replace I am sorry with them.

With love +respect from team

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