How to prepare and give a chief guest introduction speech

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How to prepare and give a chief guest introduction speech


There is no function without a chief guest, guest of honor, invitees experts, or dignitaries.

The audience may or may not know about the chief guest. So it is important to introduce

him or her for that we need to prepare a perfect chief guest introduction speech

which includes his/her welcome and achievements and other necessary details to be told.

Here are some points to be remembered before preparing, writing, and giving the

perfect chief guest introduction speech.

Points for preparing and delivering the chief guest introduction speech

1] what is a chief guest introduction speech

2] formal beginning

3]length of the speech

4] basic details of the chief guest tell how valuable he or she is

your expectations, gratitude for accepting the invitation,

best wishes

5] formal ending.

Now we will see these points in detail.

what is a chief guest introduction speech?

There are different types of speeches for different programs and occasions the speech of

introduction of the chief guest is very important as it gives us an opportunity

to express our Joy, gratitude, honor, and expectations from the chief guest.

this page includes welcoming the guest and thanking them for accepting invitations,

guest achievements, titles, honors, the field of work, publications, and awards for social

work. We need to refer biodata of the chief guest to write the perfect chief

guest introduction speech.

Length of the chief guest introduction speech

Sometimes we have very less information about the chief guest or sometimes

it is too long to cover in a given time I really a guest introduction speech should

last for 4 to 5 minutes including a formal beginning and end. Introduce all the

important points. Include all the important details of the chief guest such as name,

degrees, titles, experience, area of research, publications, awards, popularity, and social

work but when there are bulky details you need to use your skills to cover the

most important points and avoid making your introduction bulky and without

interest. So anything up to one and a half page of A-4 size around 400 to 500

words can be the ideal length of the introduction of a chief guest speech. You can change

it as per you are allotted time, necessity, and for any other reasons.

Basic details of chief guest introduction speech

They include basic and some personal details of the chief guest in your speech such as name, degrees, titles, experience, awards, etc.

formal beginning

you should begin your speech formally by mentioning all the dignitaries

present for the function as follows.

“Respected chief guest, honorable guest of honor, respected principal or chairman,

the honorable audience present here for this  program, good morning /afternoon/ evening, I am Sam

I am going to introduce our chief guest for today’s program of …….. .”

personal and social details of the chief guest

you should tell how much grateful you are for accepting your invitation and the guest’s name,

degrees, titles, experience, area of work, research experience, publications, and fan

following, popularity, and your expectations for guidance regarding the program.

Then you should give best wishes for the chief guest’s Undertaken taken work or

research or chosen field.

formal ending

you should end your speech of chief guest introduction formally by  thanking for giving you

an opportunity to speak and end by creating interest among the audience for listening to the chief guest

sample formal ending is as follows-

” This is all about our chief guest and we are so lucky to have him/her here for the interaction. I

am sure we will be benefited from his/ her presence and words of wisdom and

experience. I would like to thank the organizers for giving me an opportunity

 to introduce our chief guest and take your leave with feelings of gratitude.

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This is all about how you can prepare and give

the speech about the introduction of the chief guest. I hope you will like it

and use it for your function by making the necessary and suitable changes.

with love + respect from team

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