Christmas card messages and quotes for Christmas 2021

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Christmas card messages and quotes for Christmas 2022


Christmas is the time of the greatest happiness and joy with new hopes and dreams for all. This is a festive season and everybody is with family and friends and planning to enjoy every moment to its fullest. To enhance your joy and happiness we have created new and unique Christmas card messages and quotes for wishing Christmas of 25 December 2021.

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Christmas card messages and quotes for Christmas 2021

1] Merry Christmas to you all and may god’s grace fill your life and you be blessed with success, happiness and contentment for your entire life.

2] Forget that lets you down and smile as the festive season is here and contagious happiness to make everybody laugh. Merry Christmas

3] May you and yours be blessed by god’s grace during the festive season and sweet memories of it lost forever. Merry Christmas.

4] Happiness doesn’t come without reason. May you experience the shower of happiness during this festive season.

5] Christmas is not for just for children but for who have kept the child within them despite any age. Merry Christmas for ageless happiness.

6] My best wishes are on the way, may they make happy you every day. Happy Christmas day.

7] Fill your heart with excitement and happiness during this festive reason to use it for the rest of the year in abundance. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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8] It is not the case that I don’t think of you throughout the year but Christmas lets me to let you know it with my warm wishes for Merry Christmas.

9] May your Christmas be filled with the heavy sweet music, blessings, joys and sweet memories. Merry Christmas.

10] Control the things that you can and leave the rest to God. Then be happy and smile for the festive seasons prosecutes. Merry Christmas.

11] Santa is coming and be ready to see the

12] Messages are wishes whether less or more but it is sure that they bring love, joy, hope and cure for every care. Merry Christmas.

13] Life is the game of expectations versus reality. May this festive season make your expectations reality and fill your heart with joy, hopes and happiness.

14] Happiness is not a thing but an inner about feeling created by something. May everything make you happy and healthy to enjoy life to its fullest. Merry Christmas.

15] Festive season is for sparing and spending your time with family and boost your creativity to your best to make difference and record your name in the achievers lists.

16] Christmas is a sweet memory celebrated every year to we look the love , peace and prosperity

17] Carol songs, Christmas eve and Santa’s gifts and Christmas are the soul of every celebration and Christmas is time to celebrate this soul by our souls. Merry Christmas.

18]Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2022 to you all for enjoying everyday as a treat and for spreading happiness wherever you go.

19]We celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus and nothing will match this feeling that gives us new hopes, joy and happiness. Merry Christmas.

20]Let us thank God for so many celebrations we attended till now and with grateful heart wishing you all countless Christmas celebrations with hope and joy.

21]Let’s determine to keep the spirit of this festive season forever and celebrate everyday with grateful and loving heart. Merry Christmas.

22] Christmas brings magic and miracles and may you find their ways through my wishes. Merry Christmas.

23] When I sit to write Christmas cards all the sweet memories gather in my mind and my hands write wishes for good health, wealth and happiness.

24] May this festive season strengthen our relations, friendship and understanding to find peace, love and happiness.

25] May this year’s Christmas lights light your lives with your great hopes and happiness and achievements in your chosen fields. Merry Christmas.

26] May you be blessed by Christmas prayers to find your dreams and get abilities to fulfil them. Merry Christmas.

27] All the sweets and gifts of Christmas are not just things but eternal fountains of love, care, hope and understanding. Accept my humble gift of wishes, Merry Christmas.

28]Not your pomp and show but your way of celebration and cheerful spirit marks your fun and enjoyment of this festive season. Merry Christmas.

29] The only way to get the best Christmas gift is the realisation that how much gifted you are by the God. Merry Christmas.

30] Don’t consider Christmas as a season but take it as a sweet and long lasting feeling to celebrate every moment. Merry Christmas.

31] Christmas is the time to come together whole heartedly and exchange happiness, hopes and dreams. Merry Christmas.

32] Christmas is the best memories of past. Enjoyment in the present and the brightest hopes of the future. Merry Christmas.

33] May this Christmas’s magic wants make this world more beautiful and brighter place to live. Merry Christmas.

34] Store your Christmas spirit of joy and use it for everyday till the next year. Merry long lasting Christmas.

35] May this Christmas bring all the good times full of sweet memories peace and love for you all. Merry Christmas.

36] Only plus+++ hopes, happiness and achievements. Merry Christmas.

37] Divide your problems with hopes and multiply your remainder with your dreams to achieve blessed life. Merry Christmas.

38]Festive season is a pit stop on the road of life to fuel up yourself with sheer joy and happiness and move towards next pit…. Merry Christmas.

Christmas message for family and friends

1]I wish my family merry Christmas full of joy, hopes and forever happiness

2]Merry Christmas to my best family in the world for the shower of blessings and God’s grace.

3]My best wishes and prayers for my family on the occasion of festive season of Christmas and new year.

4]The greatest festive season is here and I wish you and your family merry Christmas.

5]Merry Christmas to my family and friends blessed by God forever to find your ultimate happiness by achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams.

6]My family and friends- My power house- My support- To you all my best wishes for this festive season and Merry Christmas.

7]May you and your family enjoy every moment of life with the blessings of good health, wealth and times. Merry Christmas.

8]Purpose of life is to make others happy. By wishing each other we are achieving the same of sharing and caring. Merry Christmas.

9]Love, caring, sharing, trust and mutual understanding are the greatest family values. My best wishes to the epitome of it-my family and friends. Merry Christmas.

10)My family- My pride- my everything- My heart and soul. Wishing you all Merry Christmas.

Christmas message for fathers

1)My dear father- I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

2]My best wishes to my best Dad on the occasion of festive season. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

3]Merry Christmas to my staunch ally- my great Dad – my best friend.

4]To my loving and caring Dad- may this festive season bring Happiness and joy unhindered in your life and you be blessed with all that you wish for. Merry Christmas.

5]I wish my Dad a very happy and prosperous and peaceful Christmas full of sweet memories, comfort, health and abundance. Merry Christmas.

6]My all the best wishes to my great Dad for the special holidays of festive season full of joy and happiness. Merry Christmas.

7]My Dad is the best Dad in the world. To him, I wish to enjoy every moment of life to its fullest. Merry Christmas.

8]My Dad -My Santa-who always makes me happy with amazing gifts. I wish my Santa Merry Christmas.

9]My Dad is always there for me when I need you. I promise I will be always there when you call me. Wish you a very happy new year and Merry Christmas.

10]My Dad is the synonym of love, care, trust, understanding and unconditional support. Hour grateful son wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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These are our Christmas card messages and quotes for all. Take it as our Christmas gift and enjoy every moment of this festive season.

With love +respect from team

Merry Christmas to you allllllll

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