The Sioux City School Board has a history dating back to the late 1800s, making it one of the oldest in the state.

One of the candidates, Maria Rodriguez, is not only an educator but also a published author of children's books that promote inclusivity.

John Thompson, another candidate, is a former NASA engineer who brings a unique perspective on STEM education.

Sarah Lee, a candidate, founded a non-profit organization that provides free tutoring to underprivileged students in the community.

David Martinez, despite being a newcomer to politics, has garnered significant support from local teachers' unions.

Jane Adams, a candidate, has a background in special education and has been a strong advocate for inclusive classrooms.

Mark Williams, an incumbent, is known for his innovative approaches to integrating technology into the curriculum.

Susan Chen, a candidate, has experience in education policy and has advised state legislators on matters related to K-12 education.

Michael Davis, a candidate, is a military veteran who believes in instilling discipline and leadership skills in students.

The Sioux City School Board oversees a budget of over $100 million, impacting the education of thousands of students.