Superdome's Secret Rituals: The Superdome, home to the Saints, has hidden pre-game rituals that players believe bring them luck.

Lagniappe for Luck: The team indulges in a local tradition by including a "lagniappe" (a little something extra) in their pre-game routines for added luck.

Culinary Preparations: The team swears by a special pre-game meal from a little-known local eatery for an energy boost.

Jazzing Up Warm-Up Routines: Jazz musicians perform live during the Saints' warm-up sessions, creating a unique ambiance for players.

Voodoo Charm Consultant: The team consults a local voodoo practitioner for protective charms before critical games.

Superstitions in the Saints' Locker Room: Players have individual superstitions, from lucky socks to specific rituals, which they believe influence their performance.

Nighttime Walks in the French Quarter: Some players take late-night walks in the historic French Quarter to soak in the city's energy.

Riverfront Contemplation: The Mississippi River is a spot of quiet contemplation for players seeking focus before game day.

Coach's Lucky Tie: The head coach has a special tie that he only wears during crucial games, considering it his lucky charm.

Jackson Square Tarot Readings: A few players engage in pre-game tarot readings at Jackson Square, seeking insights for the upcoming match.