Turkey Day Traditions: Did you know that the NFL Thanksgiving games have been a tradition since 1920, just a year after the league's formation? Dive into the rich history of Thanksgiving football.

Strange Coincidences: Uncover the peculiar connections between certain teams and Thanksgiving. There's a surprising pattern in how some teams repeatedly find themselves on the Thanksgiving lineup.

Lucky Mascots: Explore the impact of team mascots on Thanksgiving success. Some teams seem to have a hidden advantage, and it's not just about skill on the field.

Weather's Role: Discover the meteorological mysteries of Thanksgiving games. Weather has played a significant role in some of the most memorable matchups, affecting game strategies and outcomes.

Record-Breaking Feats: Learn about the lesser-known record-breaking moments that occurred on Thanksgiving Day. From unexpected individual performances to team achievements, these moments are etched in NFL history.

Celebrity Showdowns: Delve into the star-studded history of celebrity appearances at Thanksgiving games. Some surprising faces have taken part in the festivities over the years.

Unlikely Heroes: Unearth stories of unexpected players who became Thanksgiving heroes. Their standout performances may not be widely remembered, but they left an indelible mark on the holiday games.

The Gobbler Trophy: Explore the little-known tradition of the "Gobbler Trophy" awarded to the MVP of select Thanksgiving matchups. Find out which players have earned this unique honor and the stories behind it.

Thanksgiving Day Rivalries: Beyond the typical team rivalries, Thanksgiving games have sparked unique grudges between players. Discover the untold stories of players who had personal battles that transcended the game.

Halftime Surprises: Journey through the most unforgettable halftime shows during Thanksgiving games. From surprise performances to unexpected spectacles, halftime has seen its fair share of excitement.